Review : Everspring Door/Window Z-Wave Sensor


Here’s a short review of the Everspring Door/Window Z-Wave sensor. In fact, this is one of the easiest devices to include into my home automation project. Let’s start with the specification first


  • Technology: Z-Wave Transmitter (868.42MHz)
  • Z-Wave Groups: Two groups and six devices (nodes) – Group 1 (1), Group 2 (5)
  • Detection: Magnetic
  • Push-button: Inclusion and exclusion
  • LED: Battery level (low)
  • Power: 1x CR2450 3.0V 620mAh Lithium battery (included)
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 70 x 11.5 x 44mm


Well, the intent is simple. I’d like to come home in the evening and upon opening the door, have the main door and walkway lights turn on automatically and off after 5 minutes.


This is one device that is included and setup within 5 minutes and works just the way it should. Once you open the battery compartment, you find the a very tiny button (tamper switch) and lithium battery. Pulling out a tiny plastic sheet behind the battery activates the device and the LED light will start blinking. Including the device into your network is simple. Similar to other Z-Wave devices, you can initiate the inclusion by pressing the tiny button at the battery compartment 3 times (within 1.5 secs).

From your Vera UI (mine is Vera2 thus on UI4 instead of UI5), start the inclusion wizard and include the device into your network by clicking on the add button as show:

The wizard will take you through and process and you will have the new device in your network.

Create the following scenes:

1. Arm Door Sensor – Arm the sensor at 6.30pm

2. Disarm Door Sensor – Disarm the sensor at 6.30am (Similar concept as above)

3. Open Door – Turn on the main door lights (and walkway lights) when the sensor is triggered

There you go, everything is setup within 5 mins.

Fix the sensor as on your main door as shown and enjoy walking going home at night!


  • Much smaller than I thought
  • Damn simple, no fuss setup
  • Battery should last at least 3 months (it comes with extra battery)
  • Worth the investment



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