Voice Pod : Home automation with voice control

Before you think that voice control is here for Z-Wave, I’d like to highlight that this device is for Control4. Sorry to disappoint but I’d just find it interesting to share. I’ve always wished for a consumer out-of-box voice control. It is definitely a quicker method to remotely control your lights and AV systems compared to using touchscreen where you have to launch an app and tap the control.

This product VoicePod, is made for Control4 system. Yes, that expensive ZigBee based system that I had mentioned in my previous post. Its developed by HouseLogix and look like a hockey pod and contains both a speaker and a microphone. Upon receiving a command, it sends a signal wirelessly via Zigbee to the Control4 system, which then does all the heavy automation work it was programmed to do.

As you can see in the video, you can activate it by walking into the room and wake the device with the keywords “Hello VoicePod”. The cool thing about VoicePod is that you know it heard you because it answers, “How may I help you?”. You can then say the command as you wish.

In my opinion, voice command can only serve as a supplement and not a replacement control. However, its never fails to serve as a cool factor and I believe it is the dream of many nerds out there. 🙂

Soo.. How about a Z-Wave VoicePod anyone?

Source : Electronic House


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