Roomie : AV Home Control App for iOS

I’ve recently stumbled upon a new iOS Universal Controller App for your AV Home Control: Roomie. As many apps have claimed, Roomie is also be the last remote you ever need.

Since the SQ Blaster Plus has gone out of stock worldwide, I’ve been getting a lot of enquiries on its availability and alternative. I’ve been a faithful advocate of SQ Blaster Plus (refer to my older post) and as far as I know and in my opinion, the next best IP based IR blaster is Global Cache IP2IR or WF2IR. Just that there isn’t any iOS app that allow you to control both Z-Wave and IR blaster, until I stumbled upon Roomie.

Even though Roomie promises compatibility to tons of IP ready devices such as IP receivers, DVD players, TV, talks to Apple TV, Roku, XMBC and even comes with AirPlay, iTunes integration, the only 2 things that caught my eye is the compatibility with Vera and Global Cache devices. Does it mean that we have an alternative where we can have 1 single and nicer interface to Z-Wave devices and AV control?

I’m not sure about that until I try it out further. The app promises to be compatible with everything we wished and did not wish for. However, the forums seem to suggest that it only support pushing of commands to Vera and not able to get status in the current version. Also, the app cost SGD 12.95 and seems to require more in app purchases to unlock additional compatibility, i.e control Global Cache WF2IR.

Until then, we should still faithfully wait for SQ Blaster Plus to be in stock for our AV Home Control 😦


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