Voice Controlled Home Automation with Android and Sonos Part 3 of 3

This is the 3rd installation of the voice controlled home automation with Android. In this video, I’m controlling Sonos with voice commands. Sonos is a wireless home music system. It is a multizone music streaming system where, if you have one in each of room, you will be able to play the same music in all your rooms or choose to play different music in every room. The music this little box can produce is rather impressive and fills a small room perfectly. Read more about Sonos here.

I’ve recently got one set and been trying to integrate the control into S.A.R.A.H. So far I can only make it play and stop and make Sonos tell the time. Actually there’s more to be done but since I’m rather late for this post. Here goes a short video…

Finally I’ve come to the 3rd part of this series. Technical details will be revealed next week 🙂


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