Belkin WeMo Light Switch, Now with Android Support

The Belkin WeMo has recently added a new device to it’s home automation offerings. If you had read my previous post on Belkin WeMo’s home automation, I had mentioned that it is not a complete solution without a wall light switch. Yes! they have finally reached the milestone of a more promising and complete home automation solution!

The Belkin WeMo Light Switch, priced at USD 50, is now closer to that of a Z-Wave light switch. I must say it is rather sleek looking. It also claims to replace a standard light switch in the wall and similar to Z-Wave light switch, a neutral wire is required. After installation, it should work similar to the plug-in Belkin WeMo switch that was released earlier this year.

Belkin WeMo home automation is no longer restricted to iOS devices only. Belkin has also included an Android app in their recent offerings to embrace the ever growing Android community.

My take on Belkin WeMo Home Automation now?

1. A inch more to a complete home automation solution.

2. The price is getting closer but its still cheaper to implement a full scale Z-Wave home automation.

3. Its still on wifi. Interference will still be a problem especially in wifi crowded Singapore. Users will need to ensure there are no wifi blind spots in the house unlike Z-Wave where every device is a signal repeater.

4. I hope the reliability issues highlighted in my previous post are resolved.

5. Currently, its only available in US, running 110/120V instead of 230/240V in Singapore, so please don’t rush to purchase it on Amazon. I’m sure Belkin will not ignore the large Asia market and will soon launch a version with compatible voltage and switch dimension here.

Finally, if Belkin WeMo was available when I started researching on home automation, I would say.. Maybe.. if I didn’t know any other complete alternatives back then..



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