NFC for Smarter Home Automation

Once again, I apologize for the long absence of post. In this week’s short post, I’m going to show you how to bring laziness to higher level. 🙂

Sometimes I find it a hassle to unlock my smartphone screen, open the home automation app or use voice command to activate a particular scene. Considering that I will always place my phone on my coffee table when I watch TV, I wanted the TV to turn on when I simply place my phone on the coffee table. I bought a few NFC tags online (around $15 for 10 NFC tags) and integrate it with Tasker (click here to see what I did with Tasker in my earlier post) to achieve the following.

Well again, not for layman readers but for fellow geeks’ information, I didn’t invent anything. Basically, if you already know how to use Tasker, you can simply install the NFC Task Launcher, register your NFC tags and make NFC Task Launcher activate specific Tasker command. In my case, I simply link the NFC tag to activate the turn on TV Console command. With this, you can paste NFC around specific places in your house to activate various scenes (i.e leave/arrive home, sleep) simply by tapping your phone on the tag.

Video on how to use the NFC Launcher can be found here. For iOS users, tough luck until Apple adopt NFC 🙂


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