Electrical Wiring Guide for Z-Wave Switches – Fibaro Edition

This post is a follow up from my previous post on electrical wiring guide. Seems like even with the guide and the wiring digram from Fibaro, some electricians were still not able to get it right, especially for wiring of the Fibaro 2 * 1.5kw relay to a 2 gang switch. A picture speaks a thousand words. To make future explanation easier, here are my few thousand words. 🙂

The picture below shows how a normal 2 gang switch is being wired.

Normal Wiring

Now for any Z-Wave on/off switches (remember dimmers will not require neutral), an additional neutral wire is required as shown.

Z-Wave Wiring Fibaro 2 * 1.5 kw

I understand with the above images, it may not be so apparent. So let us take a closer look at switch and the relay by flipping the 2 gang switch over. This is how a normal light switch is wired.

 2 gang normal wiring

2 gang wiring

So what do you do with the additional neutral shown below?

2 gang additional neutral

This is how you wire the Fibaro 2*1.5kw relay to your 2 gang switch.

Fibaro 2*1.5 kw wiring

  1. Disconnect Live Switched 1 and Live Switched 2 from the 2 gang switch
  2. Connect Live Switched 1 and Live Switched 2 to O1 and O2 of the Fibaro relay
  3. Connect S1 and S2 of the Fibaro relay back to the 2 gang switch
  4. Tap the Live wire (note the new red wire in the picture)
  5. Loop L and IN (note the new brown wires connected to the red wire)
  6. Connect the additional neutral wire to N

Let’s take an even closer look at the relay and the switch.

 Closer Fibaro 2*1.5kw wiring

closer 2 gang wiring

I hope this article can be of help to home automation newbies and their electricians on the electrical wiring of the Fibaro 2*1.5 kw relay.




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