Domotics is now operating via Automate.Asia!

Dear Readers,

Thank you for your support over the past 2 years. I’ve started this blog to share my passion for setting up affordable home automation system, specifically in Singapore context. Of course, I started to do and share crazy stuff I did at home. It was originally for fun and it turned out to a tiny pocket money business offering Z-Wave products for home automation enthusiast in Singapore when distributors started contacting me to resell their products.


Now you may have noticed that the link of the online store on the top of the page has changed for sometime. I’m glad to announce that the online sales of home automation products will now operate though Automate.Asia! This is an online store by Living Innovations, a home automation consultancy firm. Yes! This is a hobby turned full time business partnership and I’m sure you are happy for Domotics 🙂


We will continue to offer a wider range of home automation related components such as motorised curtain tracks, roller blinds and sliding door drive that are trial and tested compatible with Z-Wave products as well as HomeMatic, a home automation that is widely used in Germany. Not to mention we are also part of Z-Wave Alliance! You can head over to Automate.Asia and Living Innovations to find out more!

So what about Domotics? Don’t worry, I’ll continue to post and share my tinkerings at home as this will still serve as my personal home automation blog. Thank you for the support so far. Yes, and I still owe you guys a tech sharing article this month. 😀


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