Review : MCO Home Capacitive Touch Z-Wave Switch

A capacitive touch z-wave wall switch is something that was missing from the market for the longest time. Vitrum Z-Wave wall switch, costing more than SGD 200 even for one gang, has been around for sometime but the price was simply beyond the reach of many hobbyists or home owners.

Many readers have also been asking if Livolo capacitive touch switches could work with Fibaro relays hoping to achieve something like Vitrum. Unfortunately, Fibaro relays only work with mechanical wall switches. The electronics embedded in a Livolo switch will send the Fibaro relay into a frenzy of on and off cycles.


The wait is finally over!! Introducing the MCO Home Z-Wave switches (ok that sounds a little cliche). From this point onwards, I’m just going to keep it short and sweet, filling this post with pictures of the long awaited switch.


The switch comes in a brown box similar to Xiaomi phones. The box contains, obviously the switch, a steel mounting frame and mounting screws.


The plastic casing of the switch has a quality matt finish and feels much more quality than those of a TKB or any other China made switches.


The switch fits a standard 86mm x 86mm pattress box and one thing to note is that it will definitely not fit a standard surface mount 35mm depth box. Thus it a 45mm box surface mount box or a flush mount box will be required.


Instead of the usual triple click to include the switch to Vera (nothing to click in the first place), it is done by holding any button for 3 seconds. When the load is off, there is a dim red glow on the indicator. Turning the load on, the indicator turns into a bright green glow (we were hoping it is blue though).


The connector ports of the 2 gang touch switch is definitely more idiot proof compared to Fibaro and yes, a neutral wire is required.


What we like about this switch is the mounting frame that came with it. If you have used a Livolo switch before, you will need to pry open the glass portion before securing the switch onto the pattress box. Sometimes it is difficult to put the glass portion back to the Livolo switch. For MCO Home, you simply secure the mounting frame and clip the entire switch onto the frame. Genius!



The switch comes in one, two and four gangs but we only managed to get our hands on the two and four gang switch (Yes! Finally something more than 2 gang!). The price tag of the MCO Home switch is so much more affordable than Vitrum with a price of less than SGD200 for a four gang switch. Lastly, here’s a video of the response and the status update of the switch when used with Vera:

The switch is now available on Automate.Asia 🙂


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