Affordable Home Automation Solutions

If you are planning to turn your home into a smart home then you must go for home automation systems.  Whether it is concerned to security of your home or you wish to control the appliances, these automation solutions serve you with everything.

In the busy schedules of today’s life, men have always been craving for how to make life most comfortable. Some buy spa equipment, some go for home entertainment systems and some select various other electronic gadgets, just make the daily processing easy and stress free. In the recent years, a large number of people have moved on with a new technology available in the market, home automation systems. These systems make life comfy and easier, saving your time and efforts.

Check out some of the amazing device that makes your home a better and comfortable place to live in:


It is a simple and perfect solution for those who are looking for a cost effective security system. Now, you don’t need to worry anymore about your house safety as you can keep an eye on your home remotely. It is amazing device which helps you to guard your house, alerting you for the intrusions. It has a self-built camera that makes it ideal to monitor the surroundings too. Also it has humidity and air quality monitor, with a siren too. In all, this smart device keeps thieves away from your home.

Image 1

Tablet Mounts

Tablet mounts are another amazing option for making use of technology for comforting oneself. On one hand it safeguards your expensive device and on another, it gives a better view. You can use the tablet mounts for your wall or desk as per your needs. If you want to keep it safe from the children, a wall tablet mount will work well for you. And a desk mount will be optimum if you need to carry out office work at home. For extremely automation freak people, tablet mounts can be used in cars as well. These mounts are easily removable and don’t leave any traces on the interior of your loving vehicle. Now you can easily use your tablet on longer trips, especially for navigation app!

Image 2.2 IMage 2.1


It is a great device especially for those who yearn for complete rest at their home. With Homey, you have full access to control all the connected devices and appliances. It works either through a Homey app or with voice commands. This amazing device supports ZigBee, Bluetooth 4.0 and various other radio modules. So now, you can ask Homey to turn on the lights of your living room, close the blinds of your bedroom, select a movie, and much more.

Image 3

Besides, there are several automated devices which can help you in daily life. All of these are designed to provide maximum benefits to human and they ideally do the same.

Author Bio

Richard Bach is the E-Commerce Manager of Cotytech, a company which deals with designing and manufacturing of flat screen mounting solutions like TV wall mount, car mounts, etc. He frequently writes on various technology products, sharing his views on the products that brings forth a better vision.

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