Energy Monitoring with Z-Wave

The topic of energy monitoring is not new. Even though the energy tariff in Singapore is not exactly the highest, it is definitely not low enough to ignore the need to gain insights from your energy consumption patterns and adjust your usage accordingly. It has also been a growing trend, especially with interests from home owners who rent out their apartments.

If you had explored the energy monitoring capabilities of Z-Wave products, you would have came across Z-Wave products like Aeon Labs Energy Clamps or Popp Smart Metering Wall Plugs. They have the capability to send energy usage of whole house or specific wall plugs to the Z-Wave gateway Vera Edge. Unfortunately, the out of the box energy monitoring function of Vera Edge is currently rather unstable and only works for a fraction of the time. Leaving customers the option of only watching current energy consumption instead of historical readings and trends.

Living Innovations has developed our solution to this problem. We have rolled out several implementations where customers can monitor trends, review cost and receive notifications on a daily basis from their smartphone app or browser.

energy1Energy Cost By Hour

energy2Energy Consumption By Hour

energy3Energy Cost Per Month

energy4Energy Cost By Day

All you need are the Vera Edge, an Aeon Labs Energy Clamps and couple of Popp Smart Metering Wall Plugs and our custom software plugins to have a holistic view of your energy consumption via an energy monitoring cloud. No more getting shocks from the utilities bill from Singapore Powers and wonder why and when on earth did you chalk up all the bill. Contact us for more details.

Living Innovation Team

Source : Automate Asia

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