Review : Vera Plus

As mentioned in the previous post about VeraPlus and VeraSecure, finally, the VeraPlus has arrived on our shore around 2 weeks ago.

So let us take a quick look at the hardware unboxing.





We expected it to be only slightly bigger than the VeraEdge. However, it was much bigger than expected and looked a little more heavy duty. The VeraEdge looks like a toy compared to the VeraPlus. This is the family picture of the Z-Wave gateways with Fibaro Home Center 2, Samsung SmartThings, VeraEdge and VeraPlus.



Noticed the new LED indicators: Zigbee and Bluetooth? That brings us to exploring the new features on UI7.


The UI of VeraPlus is still on the familiar UI7. Compared to a new VeraEdge, the VeraPlus definitely loads the UI with shorter time. The time it took to add a wall plug on the VeraPlus is slightly more than half the time VeraEdge. We have not got the chance to test the VeraPlus on a large Z-Wave network (>30 devices) where the VeraEdge starts to slow down.


From the UI, the option of adding ZigBee and bluetooth devices are now available. It does seem that there’s support for some ZigBee and Bluetooth devices already present in the “Add Device” Wizard. Even though we did not get to test these devices, we went ahead to go through the wizard for including ZigBee and bluetooth for the sake of this review anyway.








Even though adding UPnP is not new, it seems like the feature of bridging 2 Veras are back. This function has been dropped when Vera updated its firmware from UI5 to UI7.



In summary, with the VeraPlus, the VeraEdge would now be an entry level gateway that is more friendly to the pocket.

We look forward to test the VeraPlus with some Zigbee devices, especially popular the Philips Hue. It will be great if we can start to include wearable bluetooth devices such as Android Wear or even bluetooth speakers for affordable voice feedback. By taking on SmartThings v2 and other multi radio devices such as Wink, we hope that Fibaro would also step up to include more radios soon!

Domotics Team


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