Review : Fibaro Swipe

Fibaro, a leading manufacturer of wireless, intelligent home automation systems, introduced the Fibaro Swipe at CEDIA 2015 last year. Fast forward to this year, the device is finally on our shores.

The Fibaro Swipe recognises six simple gestures; up, down, left, right, circle to the left, circle to the right, to perform activities like turning lights on/off, lowering and raising blinds, dimming and running automated scenes.

It is supposed to work with any Z-Wave ( with or without Plus) controller. However, for this review, we only tested the Fibaro Swipe with the Fibaro Home Centre Lite for ease of setup.

As usual the packaging of Fibaro is always a notch above the rest of the manufacturer. The box comes with a stand, USB cable and the swipe device. The expensive photo frame comes with a magnetic cover for easy access/replacement of photo.

Fibaro Swipe 6Fibaro Swipe 5Fibaro Swipe 4Fibaro Swipe 3Fibaro Swipe 2

Fibaro Swipe 1

Pairing the swipe to Fibaro Home Center Lite is a little challenging at first as there is no led indicator, only acoustic feedback and done by performing a swipe at the right moment after hearing an acoustic feedback. Not too fast, not too slow.

Once done, you can quickly setup the simple gesture (up, down, left or right) to activate a Z-Wave device. You can also setup a combi gesture made up of at most 3 basic gestures.

Fibaro Swipe Config

It is Jedi time once you have setup a basic gesture. In the video below, I’ve setup to control a floor lamp and the curtain. Note that, the gesture feature actually utilises scenes.

The Fibaro Swipe works only if you swipe less than 5 cm away. It makes a acoustic feedback if the gesture is successfully interpreted. Even though the Swipe can be battery operated, we recommend keeping it plugged to USB power. The reason is, when it is battery powered the device goes to sleep to save power. Once it is in sleep mode, the first gesture always fail to execute and you will have to hover your hand before performing the first gesture. The Swipe also works behind a non metallic surface as advertised.


It is an expensive photo frame, takes a while to remember the combination gestures. It works out of the box with Fibaro. We will test it on Vera Plus to see if the implementation is the same as other Z-Wave scene controllers. Definitely a cool add on for the living room for your bucks, now available on Automate Asia.

Domotics Team

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