Review : Danalock Circle V2

Fast forward 2 years from we first tried the first version of the Danalock, we’ve finally gotten our hands on the V2 of the Z-Wave door lock. Will the version 2 of the Danalock erase the bad experience (mainly battery life and not so ease of configuration) we had with the V1? Let’s take a look at the hardware and the new Danalock app.

The Hardware

Unlike the V1 which has the Circle and Square version, the Danalock V2 now only comes in the Circle version.


The Danalock comes with a manual (yes the V1 didn’t come with anything!!), and a few adapters to attach the tail piece of the deadbolt as well as a few sizes of base plate to secure the lock onto the door.



The Danalock V2 looks largely the same as V1. It used to come with a matt finish cover. The new lock is quite a fingerprint magnet with its glossy cover. However, there is an improvement in the ease of mounting the lock compared to the V1.



Please note that this is a model meant for the US deadbolt. The other common lock in Singapore is the Euro profile lock. For Euro profile lock, an additional cylinder is required. Please refer to this guide for more detail.

euro profile Euro profile lock

us profile US profile deadbolt

Attaching the lock to a US deadbolt is the simplest among all the type of locks. Simply remove the thumbturn, attach the base plate and secure the lock onto the baseplate.




The Danalock V2 can be easily mounted with the 2 screw from the sides (the V1 requires you to open up the lock and insert the screws through the lock). There we go, a fully mounted Danalock in less than 5 minutes.

danalock9 danalock10 danalock11

The App

The Danalock App uses Bluetooth smart technology and works on Android phones equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, Android 4.4.4 (KitKat) or Android 5 (lollipop) as well as on iPhone 4s and above. The Danalock App has improved leaps and bounds from its first iteration.

danalock1248  danalock1252

Calibration of the Danalock V2 is automatically performed via a step by step wizard. If you are not satisfied with the auto calibration, a custom calibration can be done to tweak the locking and unlocking position.

danalock1344 danalock1300 danalock1304 danalock1308

The Danalock App allows setting of auto unlock zone. The auto unlock zone for this version is rather logical. Instead of worrying that the lock will auto unlock whenever you get near, it uses a 2-zone logic such that it will only auto unlock when you come from beyond the outer zone into the inner zone. With this the lock will only auto unlock when you come home from work but not when you are walking around in your house.

During the few days of test, we realised that the lock has already been unlocked long before we climb up the stairs to reach the office door.

danalock1312  danalock1318

Features such as twist assist, auto relock timer and changing of locking speed to save battery or to tweak to work with doors that require bigger force to rotate the thumbturn.

danalock1323  danalock1327 danalock1330  danalock1334

You can also send permanent, temporary or recurrant access to another user via SMS or email and monitor the access logs.

danalock1409  danalock1415

Up till this point of time, the capabilities are just from using the BlueTooth Smart feature alone. What impressed us is the array of system that the app integrates to. The Danalock V2 is already integrated to Logitech Harmony, Google Nest and Airbnb out of the box! (We will delve into the details on these integration in future posts)

danalock1420  danalock1430 danalock1442  danalock1445danalock1503  danalock1451

Z-Wave Radio

Coming back to our core interest, this lock we are reviewing also has a Z-Wave radio. We did a quick test and found it fully compatible with with Vera, Fibaro Home Center (it used to be totally incompatible with HCL or HC2) and surprisingly the ZipaTILE!

danalock fibaro

danalock zipatile-35-47 danalock zipatile-36-52 danalock zipatile-39-18 danalock zipatile-50-47 danalock zipatile-57-18

Future Add-ons

We noticed that the functionality to include a Danapad and a Danafob is already available in the app. The Danapad was supposed to be launched in Q3 2016 but will delay until the end of 2016. No news on the Danafob yet.

danalock1510 danalock1514 danalock1519  danalock1543


The Danalock V2 is the only smart lock that uses both Bluetooth and Z-Wave. Danalock offers a model that comes with only Bluetooth as well. With the Bluetooth smart feature alone could already provide an array of features such as auto unlock as well as integrations to other systems and services such as Logitech Harmony, Nest and Airbnb. For the model with the Z-Wave radio, remote unlock over internet and mobile data is made possible via Z-Wave gateways such as Vera, Fibaro and ZipaTILE. In terms of security, this retrofit smart lock depends on the strength of the deadbolt you attach it to. The battery life seems quite decent for now as it remains full after 2-3 weeks of use with daily auto unlock. We will update on the battery life in 2-3 months time.

The Danalock is now available for preorder from SGD 340. With the promise of future add-ons such as Danapad and Danafob, looks like the Danalock is going to give existing Z-Wave and Bluetooth smart locks a run for their money.

Domotics Team

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