Integration of Google Home (vs Amazon Echo) with Z-Wave on Vera or Fibaro

Following our previous post on Vera (and Fibaro) Integration to Amazon Echo and having gotten our hands on the Google Home, we have updated our code base to support the new Google voice activated speaker.


If you are just using Vera, you can simply head to this link to download the latest jar file that supports Google Home and follow the instruction in our previous post to setup the jar file to work with your Google Home.

If you are using Fibaro, here is another good news. Our latest software version, not only pulls out the lighting devices and scenes out from Fibaro Home Center Lite and Home Center 2, it also generates the commands for air-conditioning and window coverings. We can now also use commands such as “Alexa, set roller blind to 50%” and “Hey Google, set Aircon to 20”. Check out the demo video below.

An important tip for readers who have existing setup with Amazon Echo. Once you have updated to the new jar that supports Google Home, you may realise that your Google Home is not able to discover the devices at all. Fortunately, the solution to simply update the webserver port shown below as 80 instead of 8080. Somehow Google Home does not discover devices on 8080.

Google Home Port

With that, you should be able to add your Z-Wave devices to be controlled by Google Home. The discovery process is somehow faster than that of the Amazon Echo. Another cool feature is that any new device added to the software bridge is automatically added to the Google Home without any rediscovery!

app1 app2 app3

Once again, for geek readers who can handle command lines, feel free to contact us for a copy of the file. All we ask for in return is a mention and link to this post in forums or your blog.

For non-geek readers, we also offer the pre-setup Raspberry Pi (comes with power adapter, casing and SD card) on our online store. You just need to plug in the Pi to your home network, power up and key in a preset URL (i,e http://voice-bridge) in your browser to get all these functionalities.

Domotics Team

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