Review : Aeotec Nano Dimmer and Nano Switch

Aeotec has come a long way in the history of Z-Wave. We have been using Aeotec and Aeon Labs loosely when we address their devices. Since, this is one of the first time we post a review on their product, probably we take the opportunity to re-introduce them.

Aeon Labs is a home automation and electronics company based in Silicon Valley, California known both as Aeon Labs and Aeotec. As a company, Aeon Labs’ core focus is on the development and sale of Z-Wave compatible accessories which it makes available under its own name, its Aeotec sub-brand, and as white labelled goods.

Their Micro switches and dimmers have been the most sought-after Z-Wave devices due to their well-known compatibility to the ever popular Samsung SmartThings. Not forgetting their compatibilities with VERA and FIBARO. We are sure by now, you would have heard about their Nano switch and dimmer. By naming this new range as Nano, obviously will be smaller than Micro, is definite a step towards taking on FIBARO and Qubino. We tested the Nano Dimmer and Switch with VERA and FIBARO were pleased to see that it worked perfectly with the latest firmware. For Nano Dimmer, smooth, flicker free dimming from 0% – 100% and reporting the power usage too by default, for Nano Switch, worked as a single switch, nothing to shout about.

However, when it comes to FIBARO Home Center, where they used to take their time to add compatibility to other manufacturers, there are some quirky behaviour as stray devices appeared with not configured message even though the dimmer works properly. When it comes to status update from toggling the physical switch, currently you need to manually make an association to the lifeline group to make it send an update to the gateway. Once that is done, it works as well as using a FIBARO Dimmer 2, similarly, with or without neutral. Hopefully the next firmware upgrade by FIBARO will perform the association automatically like they do for their own brand.

While FIBARO ditched the IN port for their Single and Double Relay, the Nano Switch (and soon to be released Nano Dual Switch) kept that port. In our opinion, ditching the IN port makes wiring simpler but made it impossible to control loads that are in other voltage or to trigger stuff like auto-gate or other dry contacts. The Nano Switch can also be powered by 24V DC.

The Nano Dimmer is touted to have the ability to control the fan (and speed) up to 100 watts. We tried that with Qubino and burnt the module and did not have the chance to test this function yet. What made us excited is that the Nano range, like the Micro, has the additional port to connect to Aeotec Touch Panel. We’ve checked with Aeotec and we understand that, the touch panels compatible with Nano will only be available in Q4 this year.

So check out some of the pictures on the device, side by side with FIBARO and the wiring below.Aeotec Aeotec2 Aeotec3 Aeotec4 VS VS1 VS2 aeotec nano dimmer wiring

The Nano Dimmer and Switch is now in stock and available.

Domotics Team



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