Homey can now support both Yale and Samsung Digital Locks


You may already know that when it comes to Z-Wave enabled locks, the choices are quite limited. We have Danalock and Yale that works with hubs like Vera and FIBARO. For Samsung, even though it is very popular in Singapore, the Z-Wave chip does not work with Vera and FIBARO reliably. Say you have a Yale digital lock such as YDD424 or YDM4109, you are only limited to functionalities such as remote lock and unlock on existing Z-Wave hub. The Z-Wave hub cannot differentiate if the lock is open from the number pad or thumbprint or if it is opened from the back of the door.

Well, now Homey can now offer you more choices and functionalities. We have written our very own Homey app for Yale YDD424, YDM4109 and even the latest YFM40. That is not all, Homey can now reliably support Samsung digital lock p718, p728 and even the upcoming DS705 gate lock!

In addition, for Yale digital locks, Homey can now tell if you are opening the door from the front of the lock or from the back. This means you are able to create different scene/flow  when you are going out or coming back. On top of that, you can also customise scene/flow based on the pin users. When we are writing the support for Yale locks, we realised that the Yale locks are sending all these various update to the Z-Wave hub but Vera and FIBARO hub are not taking advantage of these information! Here’s some screenshot of the Yale locks on Homey:

homey yale samsung 4

homey yale samsung 5

homey yale samsung 6

For Samsung digital locks, the wait is finally over. When FIBARO and Vera is not providing reliable support for them, Homey can now control the lock. Like the Yale locks, Homey can also tell if you are unlocking from the back or from the front.

homey yale samsung 8

homey yale samsung 7

Here’s some flows that are made possible with the new ability to differentiate an unlock or lock from with thumbturn or numberpad.

homey yale samsung 2

homey yale samsung 1

The Yale and Samsung Homey app will soon be published to the Homey app store.

Domotics Team

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