Decoding Samsung Z-Wave Lock with Homey

Since we were working on decoding Yale Z-Wave Lock, we took the momentum to update the Samsung Z-Wave Lock Homey app as well. Since most of our explanations on decoding the locks were done in the previous article, let’s jump straight into the kind of status updates (COMMAND_CLASS_ALARM) the lock offers:

Alarm Type Alarm Type Level  Action
6 0 Unlocked by touchpad
6 80 Unlocked by fingerprint
6 96 Unlocked by Z-Wave
6 176 Unlocked from back
6 N

Unlocked by card N


As you can see, the Samsung Locks only provide status updates on unlocking but not on locking.  We had to depend on periodic polling to tell that the door is locked. It isn’t a big deal because it always auto locks when you close the door.

This particular EU chip of the Samsung Z-Wave lock is actually not certified Z-Wave device. It works but it is not registered with proper Manufacturer ID (Manufacturer ID 0, Product Type ID 3 and Product ID 1).

Similar to Yale, you can have the same lock but plug in different versions of Z-Wave module. We know that there is another version of the Z-Wave EU module which may have an entire different set of reporting commands (only the remote locking and unlocking works for now). We will be getting the chip to decode and update this app.

For now, this is a demo video of what is possible:

With this, Homey remains as the most advanced smart home hub capable of performing integrations that no other hub can.

Source : Automate Asia

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