Review : MCO Home Wifi Edition

MCO Home switches are now available in Wifi edition that will work with your existing wifi router directly!

What does this mean? This would mean that you no longer require a smart home hub if you like to control your lights, water heater, curtains and blinds (wifi version of curtain or blinds switches will be released in year 2019) with your mobile phone. In this era of voice control, the wifi version of the switches also work with your Google Home, Alexa, IFTTT and TMall Genie. Yes you can voice control in chinese with TMall Genie!!!

Here’s the demo video of voice control with both Alexa and Google Home.

You can also create simple scene to achieve 2 way, 3 way switching. i.e if your walkway lights are controlled from switches from 2 ends of the walkway, you can also configure the wifi switches at the 2 ends to control the same set of lights.

This is a demo video of 2 way switching. You can even make one button turn on many other buttons with scene and it works blazing fast with a good wifi connection.

Is the Z-Wave version of the MCO Home switches or even hubs like Homey and SmartThings still relevant? We recognise that the Wifi version of the switch and the Z-Wave version serves 2 different segment of markets.

The Wifi version are for users who want a really simple setup and are happy with remote control of their house with mobile and voice assistant but are less interested in sensors and integrations to other devices. These users are generally ok with one mobile app for different category of devices. They might also control other devices via their voice assistant. We probably call these voice controlled home.

The Z-Wave version will be for users who like to have a central controller that consolidates every aspect of their house into a single mobile app, i.e Homey app and still use voice commands to control their home. These users also prefer their smart home to be allowing their hub to run scenes and that can work across multiple devices such as Z-Wave, Zigbee, IR and RF. On top of integrations, these homes are also managed by sensors which will do stuff like lower the balcony blinds when raining, turning off everything when all users leave the house or having their smart lock identify which users are unlocking the door. We still view these as true smart homes.

All these being said, the Wifi MCO Home switches open another possibility for users who wants a more cost effective voice controlled home without the need to purchase a hub.

Domotics Team

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