Review : Ambi Climate V2 (and Homey Integration)

This may be a very late review of the Ambi Climate but we were recently quite impressed by some of its features. For starters, Ambi Climate is a A.I driven air conditioner smart controller that was launched on Kickstarter October 2014.

Competing products like Sensibo and Tado that only works as a internet connected AC. Ambi Climate notched up by taking users input on whether the room feels comfortable, together with existing temperature and humidity information, to auto set your AC fan speed and temperature automatically. So once you activated it, you will notice that Ambi Climate occasionally send commands to your AC to adjust to what you define as “comfortable”. The other interesting feature is, most of the time, these internet connected AC controller will not know if you have operated the AC with handheld remote controller but Ambi Climate actually detects such operation and updates the status in its app!

The Look

It is a simple minimalist device that stands upright with IR transceiver that covers an angle of 180 degrees. We really like the wooden looking base of the  Ambi Climate, giving it a Muji-style look. We recommend placing it where you usually rest or relax because you will be providing input on whether you feel comfortable, too hot or too cold to more accurately measure your experience.

The App

Letting Ambi Climate learn how to communicate with your AC is a relatively simple process. If you have the brand and model number of your handheld remote, you can simply key search for it without the need to press any of your handheld remote. If the model of your handheld remote is not in its database, you just need to cycle through all the modes for Ambi Climate to learn.


Once it is up and running, you just have to provide inputs (whether it is too warm or comfortable, or cold) occasionally for a few days. We left the device to control the temperature and mode after that and most of the time it is quite comfortable.

The Ambi Climate works with Google Home, Amazon Echo and IFTTT. For a more detailed review of Ambi Climate, you can refer to Lester Chan’s blog.

Homey Integration

Before this you have interacted with us or read our older blog, we would recommend Remotec ZXT-120 or Remotec ZXT-600 with Homey to control your AC. The Remotec AC controller is a Z-Wave to IR device. From now on, we will recommend using Ambi Climate instead for its AI capability.

We have developed the Ambi Climate app for Homey using its Official API. With the integration, you can also control Ambi Climate via the Homey mobile app.



You will also be able define flows (scenes) such that the lights and AC are activated when you are home. You can even make Homey remind you to close the door or window when someone operate the AC with a handheld remote!



The Ambi Climate V2 should be able to reduce your electricity usage as the AI will manage the AC temperatures and mode instead of keeping it a constant mode and temperature. Most of the time, there are other factors such as current temperature, humidity, weather which the AI will take in to make you feel comfortable. Once the “comfortable-ness” is achieved, Ambi Climate will change to a more energy saving setting.

With the Homey integration, you literally unlocked more use cases as you can now manage your smart lightings and sensors together with Ambi Climate with flows, expanding the AI throughout your smart home.

Source : Automate Asia

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