Review : WYFY Beam, a very affordable Sensibo or Ambi Climate alternative

Recently a local company WYFY Singapore launched a series of wifi based smart home products. Although there are tons of wifi based smart home products online, in my opinion, one that is no frills, reasonably priced, with nice packaging and with local support and warranty caught my eye.

So I got this WYFY Beam, “a smart universal IR controller”, so it says, for $39. Here’s some unboxing photos.

First Impressions

Do note that there is no USB adapter included in the box, not much of an issue for me as I always have a few spares lying around.

Beam Front Beam Back Beam Under

The devices is surprising compact (around 5 x 5 cm) and since it has some resemblance to Apple TV, I found it rather nice on the TV console. Furthermore, I’m a sucker for matt finishing products.

Setting up

The setup is rather straight forward. Scanning the QR code with my Pixel phone’s Google lens (or you can just to to the setup URL) brings me to a very straightforward online guide.

Basically, you just need to connect the device to your wifi through a wizard, select the brand of aircon and cycle through the devices to see if your air con respond to the device. Once done, you can simply control the AC with the WYFY mobile app (or voice control). From the mobile app, it suggests that there are many other products that can be controlled with the same app.

Google Home

For voice control, I tested the response on a Google Nest Hub and it is rather responsive compare to other IR devices such as Broadlink and Orvibo which had flaky implementation of their Google Home actions.

(PS: Sorry, you don’t hear the beep of the AC because the Google Nest Hub is in the living while the device is in the master bedroom)

I went on further to test adding other IR devices such as my Dyson fan, Sony TV and was surprised by it’s Google Home integration as well (at least for on/off) once you configure them and say “Hey Google, synchronize devices”, you can already use voice to turn on/off the Dyson fan and Sony TV. While testing the Dyson fan, the IR actually its another fan in my dining which didn’t really have line of sight with WYFY Beam!


I know it is not fair to say it is a cheap alternative to Ambi Climate and Sensibo. Both Ambi Climate and Sensibo has temperature sensor, Ambi Climate even had AI inbuilt but the WYFY Beam is just an app enabled IR remote. However, at a price of $39 (vs $189 for Ambi Climate and $139 for Sensibo), plus it is not only limited to air-conditioning, there is really nothing much to complain.

As a Homey user, even though this cannot be integrated to Homey (yet), it served quite well for my AC in the room as I just needed to voice control them, but without spending so much on Ambi Climate (or Sensibo)

PS : I just found out that they had a promotion on Lazada and Shopee @ $29 for launch promotion 😦

Domotics Team



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