Review : ECO Fan, finally a wifi fan that also works with Homey

Most of the ceiling fan, especially in Singapore comes with an RF remote. We usually control the power to the fan by connecting it to a smart switch such as MCO HomeFIBARO. By controlling the power to the fan, we can turn them on and off. However some ceiling fan doesn’t remember its last setting and still require the need to press the RF remote after it is powered up by the switch, making it pointless to automate.

Controlling fan speed from home automation is another common requested feature. Previously we have also tried several ways to control ceiling fan speed. We have tried controlling the fan speed with Broadlink’s RF capability, we have also tried to wire up a Aeotec Dimmer to a fan with regulator. Both methods have it pros and cons but generally they are not a plug and play solution.

Recently we came across this 2 local brand of fan named Eco Airx and Po Eco (for simplicity, we call it Eco fan) that is wifi enabled. The fan is already compatible with WYFY mobile app, the same app that works with WYFY Beam – Smart AC Controller. Out of the box, we can already control the power, fan speed and even dim the attached LED light from the WYFY mobile app as well as Google Assistant. 

WYFY Eco Fan

Since WYFY is already compatible with Homey, might we well try linking it to Homey and control the entire home with a single app. Here’s a video of how it works and how to add it into Homey.


Since this solution is plug and play, you don’t wire anything or use a RF blaster. The price of the Eco fan starts from SGD519 (a fraction of Haiku fan) including installation and is also available at WYFY. With this kind of integration in Homey, you can now, for example, have a master kill switch near your door to turn off lights, AC and the fan with a single tap or even control the fan with Apple Homekit!

Source : Automate Asia

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